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Reinvent: The Sales and Lead Gen Supply Chain

Garima October 21, 2020

Reinvent: The Sales and Lead Gen Supply Chain

Reinvent – Business and Marketing Make-Over

Challenge Builds Character

Are you in a position to be challenged? How do you feel about being challenged? Everybody loves to be challenged. It encourages you to change how you think and rethink or change your strategies to promote growth. Through challenge comes innovation. Growth is at its highest point when pressure and heat are present as is the case with the formation of diamonds or coal. Adversity sharpens the mind and promotes growth.

Use Diversity to Grow

In order to grow it is time to reinvent yourself and the industry. Now is the time to reinvent your marketing, messaging and mind set. During this time of strife, pandemic, chaos and disruption you can either wait for change or create the change you want to see. Being proactive is vital to successful change. Entrepreneurs that live in a technology space will thrive. You are constantly seeking new technology to make life easier and to allow you to service your customers more effectively.

A New Level of Clarity

Our beliefs are a mirror of what we have been taught or seen. You can only see as far as you can see. It is vital to broaden your beliefs and in turn your clarity. If presented with new information will you be willing to change your mind? This is the time to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Friction is part of change and broadening your horizons.

Sales Supply Chain

Starting a company requires specific things to be done. When you are starting out you try to do as much as you can yourself. Growth isn’t an easy process but one that will offer such satisfaction when each successful building block is placed. It is going to take time and immense networking. Join as many groups as you can to increase your supplier base, services and client base. You can’t expect overnight success. The process is one that is long and sometimes tedious but persistence will yield results even if it is only after the first six months.

Take a Risk or Not?

Risk taking isn’t something everyone is prepared to do. While some may take a chance and show confidence by spending before they have the money because they are so sure they will get it back. There are however some that may have reached the end of their available finance and are a little shaky to spend without knowing the definite results. How do you combat that? There are a number of ways that you can do to acquire the services and support you need, it just takes some thought and creativity. Small steps will get you to the same place as one giant leap. If you want to reach success you will find a way!

Be an Option

If you aren’t an option, you won’t grow and that’s the bottom line. You need to ensure that you are an option for the services you offer in the areas that you are offering them. Make sure that people find you when they enter a search that you offer. Create a brand and stand out from the others who are in the same industry. By being an option and one that is different to the rest, you will grow your client base and business. Besides being an option, you need to provide content that will engage any customer that clicks on your link or website. Put your products and services out there in a way that is easy to process. Change your content continuously to keep your customers coming back to see what is new on offer. Make use of every piece of technology to build your brand, create a culture and use these to make you a valuable option. It is vital to ensure that the links you provide are working. Test everything before sending anything out to customers or loading it onto your social media accounts or website. Your website requires constant work and evolution. All the pieces of technology have to come together to ensure smooth operation of your processes and ensure an enjoyable experience for those visiting your site and more importantly your potential customers.

The Chicken or the Egg?

The attitude that your competitors are doing better than you because they have more money than you hurt your business unless you are proactive and attempt your own strategies that are within your means. Create amazing content, upload videos that leave your viewers wanting more, do what others are not doing. Stand out and set your business apart from the rest. Having less money does not mean that you are going to lose the race. Creativity, uniqueness and proactivity will get you across the finish line.

Build a Website That You Would Want to Visit

Access your website thoroughly. Build a site that you would want to visit. Make sure your site is secure, ensure that your contact information is clearly visible or design a logo that is catchy. Maintain a professional attitude. Create something visually appealing and keep the content relevant and constantly changing. It is vital to create a feeling of trust with your viewers and potential customers. Build a website that will give people that feeling that they want to work with you.

Now is the time to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Grasp hold of the available technology and make it work for you. Now is a time of adversity and with that is your chance to change and grow. Don’t sit back waiting for the world to come to you, you need to face it head on and take what is yours.