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Indoor Air Quality And Accessories | Matthew Plughoff | Arrow And Fletching | Week 12

Garima October 24, 2020

Matthew Plugghof

Matthew, owner at Arrow & Fletching, Liberty Lake, Washington is all about development and growth through B2B and B2C sales strategies. His unique approach to the design of sales, services and strategy models has encouraged growth on many levels for a number of businesses in the HVAC industry. His past studies in Entrepreneurship have given him the insight necessary to take your business to a new level. Understanding where you are right now and visualizing your goal is part of the process. Matthew finds effective and efficient ways for you to reach those goals. 



People buy what you draw their attention to. That is human nature. Customers have to see it, they have to identify with it and they have to understand what a difference it will make in their lives. Attach feelings of aspiration and egoism to products that you put in front of the customer. Things that are not a necessity must be made to seem like the next best thing. People want to buy better and better, they aspire to own the best.